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Important Announcement

Okay, I need to write this because this is important. To anyone currently living with and battling with a mental health condition… You are awesome. You don’t feel it, but you are. Each day you are holding your head above water by whatever means available to you.

You are no less inspiring than the most motivational of motivational speakers.

You are no less strong than the strongest of weight lifters.

You areano less important than the most prominent VIP and no less valid than any other human being on this planet!

Having a mental health crisis is not a sign of weakness or failure, it is a symptom of an illness that you can, with the right support, manage and recover from. If that means medication, take it! If it means changing your lifestyle, do it. If it means lessening your contact with toxic people, bid them a hearty buh-bye and start taking your life in a better direction, one the serves you.

Let go of “should”. I should be able to cope better, I should be dealing with this better, I should be happy. You are where you are. Be gentle with yourself and know that with support you can get to the place you want to be, but please, do not feel ashamed of where you are now.

Our brains are a part of our body and there is no distinction between an ill body and and ill mind so stop beating yourself up!

If your body isn’t getting enough vitamin D, take a supplement. If your brain isn’t getting enough seratonin, get some from your doctor and let yourself feel better.

If your shoulder is strained from over use rest it. If your mind is strained from prolonged stress, rest it!

If you’re injured in a car accident, physiotherapy can help you put your body back together. If your mind is injured through trauma, taking therapy could help you put your mind back together.

There are so many causes of anxiety, depression and mental illness but I’m telling you now, being a failure is not one of them!

So please, KEEP GOING. I promise you are worth it.

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